Tips to Keep in Mind when Applying for Asylum in the U.S.

Tips to Keep in Mind when Applying for Asylum in the U.S.

A person who gets asylum in the U.S. can legally live in the country. The people who are qualified for asylum can apply for their spouse or children under the age of 21 to reunite. It is a form of protection that allows an individual unable or unwilling to return to their country because of persecution due to; nationality, race, religion, belonging to a  particular social group, or political opinion.

There are two ways to apply for asylum in the United States.

  1. Affirmative process: A person not in removal proceedings can apply for asylum through the U.S. government. If the officer doesn’t grant the asylum application, the applicant must renew the request through a defensive process and appear in front of an immigration judge.
  2. Defensive process: A person who is in the removal proceedings. They can apply for asylum defensively with the immigration court. Your case will be defensive if you are in removal proceedings after USCIS did not grant you affirmative asylum.

The following tips can help you seek asylum in the United States.

Hire an Experienced Attorney

It is generally advised to hire a practiced attorney for your asylum process. A good lawyer will help you gather all the required documentation and guide you to collect the evidence that will benefit you in this process. They will do their complete research to support your case based on the laws and orders of the country. However, it would be best to do proper research from your end when finding an expert attorney.

Have an Expert Witness to Help You

It is essential to have an expert with you during your asylum process. Some journalists and professors know about the laws and regulations of the country more than the applicant. The expert witness will write a report and testify in the Immigration Court. The primary purpose of having an expert for your asylum case is that they will help you in a situation where an individual tends to speak things incorrectly, which may result in a refusal.

Don’t Apply for Asylum for a Work Permit

Understandably, filing an asylum application can legally allow you to live in the United States. Some people’s advice to apply for asylum is to get a work permit. However, doing so is fraud and will make it difficult or nearly impossible for an individual to become a Legal Permanent Resident or even a U.S. citizen in the future.


Applying for asylum is not a piece of cake. Thousands of people apply for asylum every year. The key is to put together a convincing account of your background and be able to answer the questions being asked by an immigration officer or judge while remaining calm, composed, and informed.

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