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Laura Martinez founded Texas Immigration Law Office PLLC to offer the whole Texas Latino community a legal service of choice to address their immigration status.

Over her career, Laura Martinez has provided exceptional legal advice and representation to her clients in family and divorce law, contract litigation, personal injury law, residential real estate transactions, civil litigation, consumer protection laws, and employment law. Laura has been practicing immigration law for the last seven years, concentrating on family-based petitions, juvenile cases, domestic violence cases, victim-crime cases, removal proceedings, and appeals. Laura Martinez represents clients before the Board of Appeals, USCIS, and the Immigration Court.

Texas Immigration Law Office PLLC acts as a channel to link Laura with a larger audience in Texas looking for information on immigration, help with other legal issues and terms, and engage a lawyer for advice, representation, and other purposes.


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Family Petitions

Immigrant Visas that lead to Permanent Residency via consular processing or as an adjustment

Immigration Court

The U.S. government files charges for deportation or removal of a noncitizen for one of the following grounds


You can appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals if the immigration court rules unfavorably in your case.

U Visa

Victims of certain qualifying crimes, such as torture, rape, human trafficking, domestic abuse, incest, sexual assault, slave trade, false imprisonment, extortion, murder, or kidnapping, may be eligible for this four-year temporary visa.

T Visa

People who have experienced human trafficking and are ready to cooperate with an inquiry into the trade or a connected crime are eligible for the T visa. People with a T visa can live and work in the United States.

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